Summer rum cocktail recipes

Rum cocktails

With the sun finally making an appearance, thoughts immediately turn to those summer BBQs. And if you and your friends are planning pre- or post-exam get-together and fancy showing off your mixology skills then take a look at these rum cocktail recipes from Aldi for inspiration…

Minty Mojito

Minty mojito

100ml Old Hopkins White Rum
50ml Lime juice, freshly squeezed, plus Lime wedges to serve
2tbsp White Sugar (Caster Sugar is best)
Bunch of mint leaves
Ice cubes, crushed
Soda Water, to top up

Split and pour the rum, lime juice and sugar into 2 tall glasses.
Add around 5 mint leaves to each glass.
Fill each glass with crushed ice then stir ingredients until combined.
Top with soda water and garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint.

Watermelon Caipirinha

Watermelon caipirinhaIngredients
400g Cubed Fresh Watermelon
140ml Cocobay White Coconut Rum
Juice of 1 Lime
Juice of 1 Lemon
Ice cubes

Put the watermelon cubes into a bowl and, with a wooden spoon, smash them into a pulp.
Add the rum, lime and lemon juice and mix well.
Pour into a jug and add ice to serve.


Cocobay rum cocktails

The fun thing about making cocktails is that you end up with lots of mixers that you don’t normally have to play with, leaving you the option of being creative and making up new recipes. The Student Blogger tried making the Watermelon Caipirinha (pink cocktail pictured) which was really easy – although we used a blender to pulp the watermelon cubes which was much quicker than doing it by hand. It’s a great recipe to try if you’re a fan of sweet, coconutty cocktails.

The orange-coloured drink on the right-hand side is a recipe we concoted with our fridge full of summery drinks:

Mango and coconut rum cocktail


Pineapple juice
Coconut water
Apple juice
Cocobay White Coconut Rum
Ice cubes

sponsoredTake a chilled glass, add plenty of ice and a single measure of Cocobay white coconut rum. Slice the mango into small cubes and pulp in a blender until liquid. Pour a couple of tablespoons of the mango juice into the glass. Add half a glass of pineapple juice and just a splash of the apple juice and coconut water. Cut the lime into wedges and squeeze a small slice into the glass – stir well. Garnish glass with another of the lime wedges.

For an alcohol-free version just leave out the rum and enjoy a tasty tropical mocktail!

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