The Student Blogger

‘Many at university learn how to cook, budget and live independently for the first time, it’s much more than an educational experience!’

The Student Blogger is a hub drawing from various student experiences at university, from housing and money saving to day to day life. The site is designed to help students ensure the time they spend at university is spent only worrying about their education!

Offers, recipes and a wide range of guides and reviews mean that students enjoy the food, advice and money saving opportunities that The Student Blogger provides for free. The Student Blogger also offers a vibrant touch point for brands to connect with students in a sustained and engaging environment.

If we have helped you in anyway the best way to say thank you is to share the information! We believe the more savvy students become the more university can be an experience not to forget, both in your development intellectually and as a person, rather than counting the pennies and having memories of living on stale bread! Plus, you never know, if your friend finds us useful, you may get a free beer out of it!

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