How to make your student house look great!

Fancy student houses

Whilst we might not have the budget for royal glitz and glam we certainly know how to glam up your student house on the nicely on the cheap!

Photo collage

Use your photographs to create cool and funk shapes on your wall. For example you may create a heart shape on the wall with photographs of all your favourite people from back home.

DIY wallpaper

Wallpaper is expensive, and quite often not allowed in student houses. Cover in your walls in posters and maps! Do make sure the way you stick them up is allowed by your landlord!

DIY paper lanterns

These are pretty awesome, look good and they are cheap to make! Full guide here.

Reuse old cans/tins

One of the arty types? You can decorate old cans/tins (or leave them how they are) and use them for multiple different purposes e.g. a pen holder, building a pyramid as an art feature etc.

Decorative initial

Great to stick on your door as a decorative element. You arty thing you! Guide here.

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