10 ways to cut costs as a student

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We’ve all been there, the moment you realise there is too much term left at the end of your student loan. Here are our top ten tips to start cutting your outgoings!

1) Start shopping later at night

Depending on the supermarket around 6 – 8pm is when reductions happen. You can pick up a bargain for meat, bread & sweet treats etc. Just stick the stuff in the freezer and just take it out when you want to eat.

2) Put on another jumper

Depending on how you pay for heating (if it’s all inclusive it doesn’t matter.) Put another jumper on instead of putting the heat on. Your bank balance will thank you!

3) Cook as a house

If you get on well as a house cook meals as a household. You’ll save money by buying bigger portions of food plus you’ll get to try other house-mates food (big bonus if they are from other cultures!)

4) Consider a sim only deal

If you’re coming to the end of your contact consider switching to a sim only deal, you’ll save a ton of cash. If you do want a new phone haggle and shop around, don’t be afraid to ask for it cheaper. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

5) Invest in a bike

Get fit and save money in the long term by saving on bus/train fares and petrol. Be sure to brush up on your cycling before you hit the road however.

6) Buy old books

Ask around at your university or look at sites such as Ebay & Amazon. You can save a hefty amount by picking up used books as opposed to shiny new ones!

7) Check out websites for freebies.

Go to websites like Gumtree.co.uk or Freecycle.org for free bits of furniture, old electronics, books, clothes and other unwanted items.

8) Go without a TV licence.

If you watch catch-up TV you do not need a licence, so BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 on Demand and ITV Player are all free to use if you are watching shows that have already been broadcast. You also do not need a licence for watching DVDs and videos or to stream Netflix and Lovefilm.

9) Recycle old mobile phones, DVDs, CDs and clothes.

Mazumamobile.com is one of many websites you can use to sell your old mobile phone. You could also put your unwanted stuff on Ebay

10) Cut out Alcohol

We left this one to last because, well, it’s the least likely to happen but nights out tend to be expensive affairs, or at least try to pre drink before you go, slightly cheaper then 😉

5 thoughts on “10 ways to cut costs as a student

  1. at

    Pretty informative!

  2. Lisa

    Don’t forget student discounts! I miss my student card so much. I’d also say Quidco might help, it offers cashback on things bought online (ok, so you have to spend to save but it’s ok if you’re buying things like train tickets anyway).

  3. at

    Everyone knows its tough financially being a student, I love some of these ideas they are great!

    I agree with Lisa, student discounts are definitely a huge factor in saving money on your budget especially as there are so many business’ now offering the service.

  4. Stephanie Meyers

    please try Shpock as well 🙂 It’s a good way saving money!

  5. at

    Some great ideas. Car boot sales are also a great place to get rid of unwanted items (may sound boring but definitely can be worth it!).

    It’s worth comparing the market for student accommodation too rather than signing for the first property you see. There are plenty of all-inclusive deals that can save you a lot of cash!

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