Top ways of making money as a student

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As a student, you’ll know only too well that money can get tight. Tuition fees, rent, books and a few nights out with friends… it can soon start to run out.

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra cash while studying, you might opt to get a traditional job, but this may not pay very well and could also take up way too much valuable study time. So what other options are available?

With lectures to attend and essays to write, the perfect money-making options are those that fit around your studies. You certainly do not want to do something that takes up hours of your time each day! Here are some options to think about…

Stock market trading

One way to bring some extra cash into your student bank account is by trading stocks online. It’s pretty easy to grasp – you simply look for companies whose stocks are a good price and you think will go up in the future.

If you buy some and they do, then you make money – but, of course, your investment is at risk, as shares can go down as well as up. A great tip here is to use a subscription stock analysis service to help you find the best stocks to trade in fast and keep up with the latest financial news.

Online surveys

Another great money-making idea for students is completing online surveys. Although they do not pay much per survey, there are loads to do through online companies, so it soon stacks up. Even better, they are pretty quick to complete and can be done anywhere you have some spare time via your laptop or mobile. Check out Money Saving Expert‘s guide to the most lucrative online survey sites.

Website reviews

Online user experience is a massive concern for all businesses now. This has seen popular website testing sites such as UserTesting spring up. Simply sign up with a company like this and you will be sent mobile apps or websites to review. Most reviews only take around 15 minutes, pay well and are simple – you just give your thoughts on the site as you browse around it.

Online videos

Anyone with a smartphone can be a content creator these days, and as such could be able to earn money from views on the videos they share. Social media users can make a significant amount of money, just by realising the value of the content they already create and share online.

Contrary to popular belief, making money through digital content doesn’t necessarily require you to devote countless hours to building followers through vlogging or becoming an online personality. While YouTube’s Partner Program requires that creators have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months in order to start monetizing their content, other video platforms have emerged that are specifically built to help individual creators maximize the revenue potential of their videos.

By sharing your content on distribution platforms that work to find your audience, your video will be made available to publishing publishers who may decide to post your footage on their websites, generating views of your video, and revenue for you.

So if you’re in need of some extra funds, then hopefully the above ideas will help you out. Simple, quick and easy to do, they should all fit in with your studies and show that online is now where the real money-making opportunities are at.

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