Tips for balancing uni and work life

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It’s said that going to uni is a full-time job. But if the right balance can be found, picking up a paid job alongside your studies can be the perfect addition to student life.

Having to work during university is not necessarily a negative thing. You can meet new people, expand your professional network, learn something new and help make your money situation a bit more optimistic. However, it is only possible if you’re able to find a good balance between work and study. We all have the rest of our lives to work, but we really have to make the absolute most of our time at uni.

Here are some tips on how to balance working a part-time job and your studies…

Be realistic

It’s easy to pile up too many things on your plate. Be fair to yourself by being realistic about what you can manage as a student. Perhaps the recommended 15 hours of work a week for a student is right for you, perhaps less? Getting behind on your studies by piling on too many work hours is not worth it in the long run. Monitor your schedule, reflect on your stress levels and remember to take care of yourself! This way, the energy you put into uni and work will pay off in the best way possible.

Choose a flexible job

Having a flexible job is arguably the most important thing in order to ensure the right balance between university and work life. Uni hours change term by term and you will want to have a job that can be more flexible when you have exams or presentations to prepare for.

Plan your time effectively

Scheduling plays a big part into balancing uni and work life. Commit to planning your time effectively, accounting for time to get to and from classes and the time to get to and from work. Be sure to block off time for a relaxing lunch break, time to hang out with friends and anything else you may enjoy doing. All work and no play is an infamously bad road to go down.

Work near where you live

Even if the money is good, working in a remote location can take its toll as a student. If you have a car, even a far out drive can seem ten times further if a last-minute assignment pops up, etc. Many student workers choose to work near campus or where they live because of this. Even if you finish work at a reasonable hour, if you work far from your home you may still end up getting back late if you have to rely on buses or walking, which in turn may lead to morning lectures where you are too tired to focus properly.

Keep track of your part-time work

Any part-time work that you do counts! Keep track of it all – the location, the hours and what you accomplished. All of this is valuable material to use for your CV. If you make a great connection with your boss and/or co-workers, ask if you can put them down as a future reference. Who knows, that part-time job you pick up during uni could lead you to a full-time job when you graduate!

The only way you’ll find a job during uni is if you go out there and look for one – as with everything in life, it won’t just land on your lap without a little effort on your part. Thankfully this can now be done from the comfort of your own sitting room, on your phone or laptop as you can use a trusted jobsite like to see a clear list of available jobs to suit you and your timetable.

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