5 top tips for effective exam revision [infographic]

Exams, like washing up, tying your shoelaces and paying the rent, are among the cruel necessities of life. We have to do them – or at least, a very large proportion of university students do – but darn it, the revision process can be dull at times. Plus, how can you even be sure that you’re taking the right approach to your exam revision? Are you set to pass with flying colours, or crash and burn?

In this situation, there’s only one thing for it: asking those who have gone through the process before. Sure enough, that’s exactly what came to the minds of the good men and women at the teaching staffing agency Simply Education.

In fact, not only have they quizzed five now-graduated university students on the best exam revision tips, but they’ve also put together their responses in the below handy, cut-out-and-keep (well, not literally) infographic.

Steps to exam success

Sometimes, the best tips for success in life aren’t that complicated, or even very hard – they’re just easy to overlook and ignore. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to exam revision, judging by the responses from the focus group that Simply Education assembled.

Tips given by the graduates included to start early, rather than leaving everything until the last minute, as well as to plan time wisely.

Current students are also told by the former students to practise through such exercises as mock exams, as well as to not be distracted by social media (which is admittedly much easier said than done). Oh, and taking regular breaks is a good idea too, as also suggested by the polled graduates.
Consult all five of the focus group’s top exam revision tips below – and ask yourself, how many of them are you following? If your answer is ‘all five’, you’re probably well on your way to success!


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