How to make your halls more homely

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The cold, bleak room that greets you upon your arrival at university halls can often be a far cry from the cosy, warm bedroom you’ve grown accustomed to at home. But don’t feel disheartened, here are some hacks for decorating your bedroom that will help to make your halls feel more homely.


The first port of call is to scout out any poster sales in the student union. Universities the country over host poster sales in the SU during Freshers’ Week and they inevitably act as a homing beacon for first years desperately trying to cover up their inadequate preparation for halls. It’s definitely worth picking up a few bargains – although, be prepared to wade through a seemingly endless supply of Game of Thrones and Scarface promo posters before nabbing the one you really want.

If, however, you don’t want to be stuck with the same posters as 90% of your university chums, you will have to venture further afield. Or better yet, prepare in advance and order online the posters that perfectly convey your eclectic taste to your fellow residents.


Most university bedrooms have a noticeboard that you can pin photos to, allowing you to create a mural of family and friends. Alternatively, Washi tape is a colourful and inventive way to frame your posters and photos without hammering any nails into your walls and losing your deposit.


Investing in some kind of lighting for your desk is basically a necessity to stop you from falling asleep during essay-writing all-nighters. That doesn’t mean it has to be dull though. From the classic desk lamp to the more unorthodox touch table lamp, shop around to find something that stands out. If your budget doesn’t stretch to new electrics, why not pick up a colourful lampshade to add a bit of character to your room without breaking the bank.


The carpets in halls are invariably dull, so why not add a bit of character with a rug? As well as adding a splash of colour, they can add some comforting warmth to what will likely be an old, worn carpet.

Alternative seating

In keeping with their name, bedrooms are inevitably short on seating, far from ideal when you’re meant to be hosting a FIFA tournament in your room. Beanbags are your friend here. They are ideal when it comes to turning a basic bedroom into a relaxed place to chill with your mates, not to mention making everyone feel at home. Bold colours will also help you distinguish your room from the prison cell block-esque ones surrounding you. Check out Groupon and other deal sites for a bargain!

Go green

Essential for injecting a sense of vitality into your stale university room, plants are a worthwhile purchase. Opting for a bonsai tree is a solid choice. Merely needing watering once a month, they are a prettier alternative to the similarly low maintenance cactus.

Turning your university bedroom into your own personal survival bunker for the year should be a priority and these simple steps are enough to make the transition from home to university a smooth one. And if you need more inspiration, check out Taskers, one of the UK’s leading DIY and home stores, for more ideas for decorating your student room. Good luck!

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