Five jobs you can fit around your studies

When you start university, everyone tells you to get ready for the best years of your entire life. You’ll be meeting new people, drinking every night, and joining a ton of new societies. A couple of lecture hours a week is nothing since you’ll be partying your days away in between.

What they forget to mention is the horror you feel when you go to check your bank account the next day. The decision you have to make between buying a bottle of vodka and buying your compulsory module textbook becomes a very regular occurrence. So, if you have reached this sad point in the semester, read on for five easy jobs you can do whilst studying…


If you like kids, this really could be the perfect job for you. You’ll work a couple of hours after school and get to do all the drawing, playing games and painting your heart desires. Childcare jobs look great on your CV – you are demonstrating a range of skills and showing a willingness to do extra in your spare time. Some companies will even offer you free paediatric first aid and safeguarding training, these qualifications will give you a huge boost in your future career!

On-campus jobs

If you don’t fancy travelling to earn your money, what could be better than a job on campus? You can roll out of bed and turn up at work five minutes later… it could be that easy! There are a range of jobs you can apply for on campus; try your local grocery store, students’ union or any on-campus restaurants.

Tutoring online

Online jobs are ideal for busy students who want to manage their own hours. You will set your working schedule, meaning this is one job that won’t take over your social life. Tutoring is handy since you’ll brush up your own skills and knowledge in the area you choose to teach in. It also looks fantastic on your CV since you are clearly at a proficient level in the subject to be able to aid others on the topic.

Bar/waiting jobs

Whilst it may not be the easiest job in the world, being employed as a bar or waiting staff member is a great role to have as a student. It enables you to meet a range of different people, gain communication and customer service skills, and earn extra income too. If you pick a nice restaurant in the city centre, you’re sure to earn some extra tips too, which is great for your student nights out!

Brand ambassador

The perks of being a brand ambassador are truly endless. You’ll find a range of fantastic companies looking for students at your university to promote their brand. Usually, they are offering a pretty substantial wage and great add-ons which mean most of the time it doesn’t even feel like a job!

Being a brand ambassador gives you a great chance to network and try out a great number of different tasks. You could be writing articles, promoting new products on your campus, or even planning and hosting events across your university.

So, fear not! If you don’t fancy working crazy hours but need to boost your income, these jobs are the ideal solution. To find out about similar vacancies, check out StudentJob UK for part-time jobs, weekend jobs, internships and more.

Guest post by Saffron Shergill from StudentJob UK

Image: Mariusz Blach/gstockstudio

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