5 ways to make your false eyelashes last longer

Out of the box, false eyelashes are fairly durable. Take good care of them and they’ll last for countless wears, giving your natural eyelashes extra length, volume and a more eye-catching appearance when you need it.

However, it’s surprisingly easy to damage your false eyelashes, reducing their useful lifespan and forcing you to spend more. Below, we’ve listed five lash education tips to keep your false eyelashes in good condition, helping them to last longer.

Keep your adhesive use as light as possible

Eyelash adhesive is an essential part of keeping you false eyelashes attached to your eyelids, but more isn’t always better. The more adhesive you use, the harder it becomes to take your false eyelashes off once you’re finished with them.

Adhesive can also build up on your eyelashes over time, making them thicker and more difficult to take on and off. The best way to limit adhesive build-up and damage is simple – use only as much as you need, not an overly large amount.

Avoid applying too much mascara to your lashes

Just like lash adhesive, mascara can build up on your false eyelashes over time, making them look overly thick and unusual. Add adhesive into the mix and it’s easy for your false eyelashes to become covered in a thick, dark substance after a few weeks.

To avoid this, it’s best to limit your mascara usage after you put on your false eyelashes. If you want a thicker, darker look to your eyelashes, try applying mascara before you put them on to add extra volume without damaging the lashes.

Clean your false eyelashes regularly

Did you know that you can clean your false eyelashes? Cleaning your artificial lashes is an easy way to get rid of mascara, adhesive, dust and other unwanted substances, all of which can build up over time and make your lashes harder to wear.

Don’t use an oil-based makeup remover to clean your false eyelashes, since this can damage them. Instead, fill a small container with warm water and a couple of drops of washing-up liquid, then gently clean your false lashes until the adhesive and mascara is gone.

Use tweezers to apply your false eyelashes

While it’s rarely difficult to apply false eyelashes using your fingers, doing so can lead to some of the lashes falling out of the strip. Needless to say, this means you’ll need to replace each set of false eyelashes earlier.

Instead of using your fingers, try applying your false eyelashes using tweezers. Grip them right in the middle, then gently apply them to your eyelids. Once they’re applied, carefully press down with your fingers on the edges of each false eyelash to bond it to your eyelid.

Gently rub away extra makeup after each wear

While cleaning your false eyelashes every now and then is the best way to get rid of adhesive and makeup, it’s also okay to rub them after each wear.

After you’ve removed your false eyelashes, gently and carefully rub them with your fingers to brush away any mascara, eyeshadow or other substances that might have stuck to them. This won’t get rid of everything, but it’s enough to extend their life and keep them looking good.

Photo credit: 123RF.com/Andrey Bzhitskikh

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