SUN JUNKIE- Self Tan Review

 Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Sun Junkie for letting me review their items, it was a pleasure!



As my skin is naturally an olive completion they sent me the dark tan.  I was really impressed with everything they sent me. I got sent a mitt, a body mist and a dark self-tanning moose.


Before applying the tan I got my sister to shave and exfoliate the area we were about to tan. We thought the area girls mostly applied tan to is their legs so we tested the product on her legs.


Firstly I used the dark self-tanning moose using the mitt that was provided; I also used some latex gloves that were sent to me also.


The great thing about the moose is there is no mess involved. When applying, apply in circular movements.

 I found when applying the moose it applied very well and didn’t leave any lines.

I then used the tanning mist to spray on after I applied the moose which gave it a more sun kissed look. It really made my sisters legs look great! This Tan was by far the best tan I have ever used. It’s instant and great to apply before a night out!

(I must say the mist was a real favourite for me)



(before and after)

It gave a nice glow as you can see.

Mitts- £3.33 –


Body mist & exfoliator – £12.79-


Dark self tanning moose and free tanself- £12.49-


At these prices you can’t go wrong!

So girls and boys go grab yourself a tan from Sun Junkie, you will not be let down!

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