How to make Halls your Home!

Arriving at university to see a blank box – how do you make halls your home?

How to make Halls your Home!

How to make Halls your Home!

Arriving at university for the first time is a big moment, for most people it’s probably their first time living away from home. Being used to your nicely decorated parents home before moving into an empty box is going to feel like a bit of a shock! However if you are well prepared you can soon have your room looking like ‘home.’

Check out our top tips for a home away from home:

1. Bed linen

People will form their first opinion of you from your room, so think twice before bringing your action man or barbie set! Instead consider Matalan’s £12 bedding set for a cheap visual change, or explore Ikea’s collection starting at £12. BHS offer essential bedding sets from £20, while Debenhams have bedding sets in the sale starting from £4.80.

2. Cushions

A variety of cushions will help lighten up any room, as well as provide comfort to any guests you may have! Debenhams has a wide range of colours and styles starting from £5.95.

3. Rugs

Rugs are perfect cure for unsightly stains (curler/iron burns) and cold wooden/laminate flooring. Welcome mats add a instant homely feel to your room.

Have a look of some of the selection from BHS.

4. Posters

You can pick up numerous free posters and wall planners from freshers fair however if you want to go for something a little more classy sites such as All PostersHMV and GB Posters have a wide selection. Use white tack to avoid staining the walls and arrange artwork so as to cover any dodgy marks left from previous tenants. Make sure you check what you are allowed to use on the walls before sticking anything up.

5. Photos

Photos are a great ice-breaker conversation, especially if you’ve had an interesting life prior to coming to  university! Memories of trip outs and old times will serve as reminders of the good times you’ve had before and encourage you to keep in touch with your friends back home.

Make sure you check what you are allowed to use on the walls before sticking anything up. 

6. Plants

As long as you remember to water them, flowers are a great way to add a little bit of colour to your room.  If deep down you know you’re going to forget to water them and they’re likely to die within days, invest in a cactus instead- no care required, hence practically every student I know has one!

7. Stationery

Bright files and folders will make work more exciting (honest!) as well as bringing some more colour into your room. They can be bought for cheap as chips at places such as the pound store, but try places such as PaperchaseRyman and Paperblanks for a wider range of products.

8. Food & drink

Make sure you keep your door open as you unpack and decorate so people can pop in and say hi! Nothing is more welcoming than a nice cup of tea…with maybe a few biscuits (hint hint?)

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