Top ways to spend your summer

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Summer is definitely the reward for all the hard work of the academic year and is something that should be enjoyed. Whether you stay in student accommodation, go and share with friends for a while or go home for the duration of the holidays, there are things that you should do during summer to make the most of the break.

The practical stuff

It can be a good idea to get the practical stuff out of the way before you get to the fun stuff. A prime example of this is organising your student accommodation for the following year. Specialists such as Almero Student Mansions say that they receive bookings for the following year’s accommodation almost as soon as the term has finished. So if you want to get the choice of where you live, it pays to sort this out as early as possible.


Some of the summer might be well spent doing some voluntary work. Not only do you get to help a charity that you are passionate about, but it also looks good on your CV for later on. You gain practical skills that can add to the academic ones you are learning and make you even more employable after your course has finished.

Fun stuff

Obviously, the summer is the perfect time to head abroad for a holiday and can be a great time to go somewhere different and try something you haven’t before. You can even look for a holiday that combines a little of that voluntary work and means you can have a truly meaningful summer experience helping somewhere around the world.

Festivals have become a staple of the British summer and let you relax, meet new friends and try something different. Grab yourself a pair of colourful wellies, a tent and a few music-mad friends for the perfect festival experience.

Spending time with family and friends is also an important part of summer, especially if you don’t get to see them that much during term time. If you are going home for the break, it is great time to see everyone you didn’t see while away and even if you are staying near university, there are always plenty of chances to go home for a visit.

Give yourself time to do very little while you are on holiday. Attending university is a non-stop parade of courses, studying, seeing friends, going places and doing things. It’s important to have some time to kick back, enjoy watching your favourite TV shows or the latest movies or just read a book.

Try something new

Summer can be a good time to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Relaxation and distractions away from the classroom are very important for overall success, and if you are finding that you spend too much time studying or revising, then a skill or a hobby can be crucial. Even something as simple as establishing a gym routine, taking up jogging or going for walks can help establish new routines that will help when you return to university.

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