Students’ mobile phone habits revealed… and there’s a serious case of girls vs boys!

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The team at giffgaff have shared the results of a Student Hut mobile phone study. The
survey, which involved over 2000 students, displays some interesting facts and figures
about student phone habits.   

The study has revealed many disparities between male and female students, along with
an interesting North/South divide. For instance, while 17% of the girls hold on to a phone
with a broken screen for over a year, only 7% of male students put up with the damage. Girls’ phones are also more likely to experience water damage. Despite these accidents
and the costs associated, it’s surprising to learn that only 23% of students have taken out
mobile phone insurance, the majority being females.

Mobile phonesIn London and the South East, iPhone usage amongst students is more prevalent, while
Samsung is most popular in Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire. However, the dedicated
iPhone users in London are less likely to pay their bills themselves: only 59% of students in
the capital fork out for their phone bill, compared to 67% of students outside of London.

The study has also revealed that half of the respondents decided to buy their phone
outright and utilise a SIM-only plan, avoiding the hefty costs associated with mobile
phone contracts.

The full results of the survey can be found here.

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