Review: LazyNails Nail Wraps!

Nail wraps are the new false nails: cheaper and quicker and easier to apply, they are perfect for a night out. Recently I was contacted by LazyNails asking if I could review one of their products, obviously I jumped at the chance! Their website is easy to navigate and has so many different styles of nail wrap to select; you can even create your own custom dream nail design. I decided to go for the Haathi design, a gorgeous Indian elephant design on a deep burgundy background, part of their “Around the World: Indian” collection, at the bargain price of £5.83.


Within 2 days, the product was on my doormat. The product arrived in simple but attractive packaging (great for Christmas gifting) with everything you need to apply the nail wraps and good, basic instructions on how to apply the nails. I did struggle to get the wraps out of the cardboard packaging (as you can see on the picture) but thankfully this did not damage the quality of the wraps in anyway.


I’ve applied nail wraps before but decided to follow the instructions word-for-word to give an accurate review of how useful their advice is and, in my opinion, their advice was very worthwhile indeed. The instructions were clear and allowed me to, very easily, apply the nail wraps well. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily recommend nail wraps to a complete nail novice, these wraps would be a great starting point: I didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost at any part of the process.

The finished result looked amazing and I was really very pleased, surprised even! I’ve tried, mostly, cheaper nail wraps before from the likes of Primark and Superdrug and none of these have ever felt as secure as the LazyNails wraps did. Neither did they look as good, my nails looked amazing: I couldn’t believe I had applied them by myself sitting in my bedroom, simply salon quality.


In terms of durability: they lasted me a good weekend of work, play and all types of activity in between. The pack comes with 6 extra wraps too, just in case of emergency though I found I never got round to using them as the nails lasted as long as I wanted them to. I would definitely buy this product over and over again and completely recommend them as a cheaper (and better looking) alternative to false nails!

Check them out this week for their especially awesome Halloween nail wraps or perhaps Design your Own for ultimate nail art heaven!

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22 year old studying Applied Performance (Community & Education) at Birmingham School of Acting. Passion for bargain fashion, beauty and health. Live in Northampton, work in retail and likes cats... a lot.