How to write for The Student Blogger

Share your knowledge by writing for us at The Student Blogger 

How to write for The Student Blogger

How to write for The Student Blogger

Since we launched The Student Blogger a few months ago we have seen the readership increase on a regular basis, now we want to open this platform up to you.

Those who’ve written blogs for the series have benefited in several ways: you’ll have your work published online, which is a boost to their CV. We also allow you to link back to your website from your article (as long as it’s not spammy!) Plus we are looking for several regular contributors to form part of our (paid) team. Writing for us will allow us to see first hand your ability.

Though a few have turned up perfectly formed, most have been through a discussion process that has taught them about pitching and writing and, in several cases, how to take a photograph that doesn’t look like you snapped yourself on a phone in the loo.

So how could you get involved? Well, the first thing you need to do if you want to become a Student Blogger is to read a few articles on the site.

You’ll notice that there is a real mix of different articles covering student life. Some concern themselves with what it’s like to be just starting university – moving into halls, student finance – some with money issues – cashback, food shopping, equipment for university – some share recipes – pizzas, spag bols, chilli. But they all form an integral part of ‘The Student Blogger’ helping us to equip students as best we can for their life at university.

Once you’ve decided what you’re keen to write about, send me a pitch. Tell me what you want to write about, a sample title, who will be quoted in your piece, and what links you are going to include. We will discuss your pitch with you, (if necessary) make further suggestions, and then you can go ahead and write.

Here is a guide to writing for The Student Blogger:

It should be around 400 – 600 words long. (This is a guide, some maybe shorter, some longer.)
Use your own style. We want your article to be personal, a real voice, not a monotonous robot.
Put some work into your intro – is it intriguing/engaging/different?
If you have personal experience. Use it!
Try to find a subject that has not been written about over and over again – or have something really fresh and surprising to say about an old theme.
Avoid standing in the middle, we like you to have an opinion.
Quote people with differing points of view.
Make sure you check over your article. Does it sound like you? Is it Engaging?

It is exciting for us to share our platform for writing talent among the student community and exposing it to a wider audience, and you could be part of that. You might be in sixth form, or studying at college, doing an apprenticeship or attending university, either as an undergraduate or as a postgraduate student. We want The Student Blogger to reflect the full range of student life in the UK.

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