Cheap storage hacks for your student house

So your first year’s over and it’s time to leave the haven of halls and venture into the wider world beyond. Perhaps you’ve found the perfect student house with fantastic housemates, and all that’s left is for you to actually move.

Unfortunately, moving home is never easy, and you and your housemates will have to find a place for all your stuff – and there’ll be a lot of it. How will you squeeze all those pots and pans into the tiny kitchen? And what about if you’ve pulled the short straw and landed the dreaded box room?
Well, don’t fear. We’ve put together this handy infographic that will guide you through the best storage hacks for students. We’ve made sure that they don’t involve any intrusive DIY (as we all know your landlord won’t be best pleased if you start drilling into the walls). And most importantly, we’ve made sure these student hacks are cheap as chips, to help you stretch your student loan to the end of the semester.

Cheap storage hacks

About the author
Andrew Chell is an accredited private landlord who runs a number of student houses in Loughborough.

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