Celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s birthday on 1 June with her iconic look

Step into the shoes of some of the world’s most iconic women: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, by mirroring their style with fashion blogger Emily Johnston’s ‘How-to’ guide (see below for video).

Despite the abundance of style icons in the 21st century, women are still delving back in time and sourcing classic styles to front their modern day looks, making the likes of these style icons more alive than ever.

Everybody’s dream girl, Audrey Hepburn tops a recent list as the most sought after style icon amongst women aged 34 to 44. The Hollywood star who would have turned 88 on 4 May 2017 remains an absolute role model of the Sixties, with her timeless Breakfast at Tiffany’s look still abundant in British culture.

While Hepburn remains a firm favourite, other coveted fashion influencers who came up top include Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.

Monroe’s curves and retro curls set her in a league of her own. Her signature style formula included high-waisted bikinis, which emphasised her famous curves, and of course plunging halter neck day-dresses and evening gowns. Not only that, Monroe’s white blouse and pencil skirt style, still continues to be a popular fashion choice today, allowing women of all shapes to channel their inner Marilyn.

Grace Kelly was known for her simple, sophisticated and consistent style. Her staples included capri pants, crisp cotton shirts and tortoiseshell sunglasses.

In celebration of the three striking looks, fashion blogger Emily Johnston presents the ultimate ‘How-to’ video making it easier than ever to transform yourself into a modern-day Audrey, Marilyn and Grace.

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