Can music make chocolate taste even better?


Attention chocolate lovers! Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched its first music album, composed by London Contemporary Orchestra.

The Sound of Flavourites was influenced by research commissioned by Cadbury Dairy Milk and conducted by scientists at Mindlab, one of the UK’s top neuroscience agencies, which revealed how flavour and sound dimensions are closely linked, highlighting the power of sound when it comes to enhancing snacking experiences.

The result is a nine-track album featuring bespoke compositions that have been expertly crafted to celebrate and enhance the nine different flavours in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

The findings of the research revealed that amplitude, frequency, volume and pitch are amongst the key factors that can significantly enhance or negatively affect a snacking or even dining experience, with the top five flavour and sound pairings identified as:

  1. Low pitch complements nutty flavours
  2. High pitched music complements crunchy texture
  3. Steady rhythm complements smooth texture
  4. Mellow sounds complement soft spongy textures
  5. Up-tempo sounds complement surprising textures that pop and crackle

Hugh Brunt, composer, and Co-Artistic Director at London Contemporary Orchestra, says: ‘We’ve very much enjoyed working with Cadbury Dairy Milk to produce the Sound of Flavourites album. Each bespoke composition is designed to pair with one of the nine bars in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range, and we hope that these tracks enhance the already joyful chocolate eating experience.’

Duncan Smith, Managing Director of Mindlab, explains: ‘Multiple studies show that music and taste are intrinsically linked. Just as you’d pair wine with certain food, you should pair certain sounds with specific food to enhance the taste and experience. Through the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Sound of Flavourites album, you’ll be able to enhance the eating experience of your favourite bar from the comfort of your own home.’

The album encompasses nine tracks, each created to enhance the eating experience of the nine different Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours:

  1. A Glass and a Half Full – a mellow, continuous, low-pitched sound, lacking in harmonic content; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk
  2. Diamond City – a very bright sound with consistent pulsing throughout with higher pitched notes layered on top; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim
  3. A Wholesome Whirl – an up-beat tempo with a lot of rhythm variations; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut
  4. Bright Clouds Over Rocky Roads – a less rhythmical, more mellow sound; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Rocky Mallow Road
  5. Smooth Sonata – a smooth sound with very few rhythmical variations and relatively moderately pitched; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel
  6. Cookies and Dreams – the sound is the highest pitched one of them all but with a moderate rhythm; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo
  7. A Fruity, Nutty Waltz – a sound that sits at the border between soft and bright, with a medium pitch and average rhythmic quality; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut
  8. Crunch Time – a high-pitched, bright tone, with a lot of rhythmical modulations; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie Bits
  9. Edible Epilogue – the brightest and most rhythmical sound; perfectly paired with Cadbury Dairy Milk Jelly popping candy

The album has its premiere at LSO St Luke’s near London’s Old Street, where the London Contemporary Orchestra performed the tracks while guests enjoyed nine of its Daily Milk flavours in a multi-sensory live event:

To listen to The Sound of Flavourites album and try your hand at creating your own personalised music remix, combining two of your favourite flavour tracks, head to

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