Which London neighbourhood should you live in?

If you’re moving to the capital to study or to work after graduation, try estate agent Knight Frank’s fun quiz to give you an idea of which neighbourhood might be a good fit for you…

What word best describes you?

A Sociable
B Professional
C Trendy
D Practical

What’s your ideal night out?

A BBQ in the park
B Sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar
C Karaoke
D A couple of pints down at your local pub

What’s your favourite colour?

A Black
B Grey
C Blue
D Yellow

What do you need near your flat?

A Green spaces
B Job opportunities
C Thrift stores
D Transport links

Who’s your favourite celebrity?

A JK Rowling
B Lord Sugar
C Colin Firth
D Emma Watson

Who would you want as your neighbours?

A Young families
B Working professionals
C Models
D Other students

Where do you buy your food?

A Waitrose
C Local farmers’ market
D Tesco

What’s your ideal car?

A Mini
B Mercedes
C I cycle
D Public transport is much more efficient

What’s your favourite drink?

A A glass of wine
B Whisky
C Chai latte
D Pint of beer

How do you spend your weekends?

A Going out with your friends
B Networking
C Brunching
D Exploring new places

So where in London might be the best fit for you?

Mostly A’s
You should live in Clapham – a leafy area in the South West of London, the perfect place for people who like to live near some greenery.

Mostly B’s
You should live in Canary Wharf – London’s financial area and the home to year-round events and stylish wine bars and pubs.

Mostly C’s
You should live in Islington – one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods with an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and shops, you’ll never be bored.

Mostly D’s
You should live in King’s Cross – great value for an inner city neighbourhood and brilliantly connected to most areas of London, you’ll easily make yourself a home here.

If you would like to find out about more neighbourhoods that may suit you, contact the Knight Frank Student Lettings team

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